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Open Doors
Portes Ouvertes

Discover the 2 institutions of

Ecole Bilingue de Haute-Savoie

and meet all the team!

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Newscasts (TV/Video)

Discover the last newscasts on Ecole Bilingue de Haute-Savoie: TV8 Mont-Blanc, Quality Label awarded by Fondation pour l’école..    …

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Open doors (in both institutions)

On Saturday 2nd of December 2017 from 10am to 12pm, everyone is invited to visit the Ecole Bilingue de Haute-Savoie….

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Holiday and Wednesday Club

English language day centre: Ecole Bilingue de Haute-Savoie opened a Wednesday and Holiday Club (sports, arts, nature, songs…). Wednesday Club…

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